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Published on October 23rd, 2012 | by Brian


solo 57 – immobility


A few years ago, various members of Beta Collide started to have children.  As official members of the overly ambitious contemporary music and art world, this started to have a rather humbling effect. There certainly was a period of time when we fought the “limitation” of our new lives – trying to eek out those extra rehearsal periods, deal with babysitters’ canceling at the last minute, and few of us would like to admit that we sometimes had to get away from our kids to practice all that crazy music we’d become known for – but those efforts were not only unsustainable, they were also slightly disingenuous.  And so, when we saw the last line in Solo 57 (“take a nap on or off stage”) we saw how we could contribute in a way that embraced our current lives.  Taking a nap is deeply alluring.  Getting our kids to take a nap is deeply alluring.  And now that we’ve curated thousands and thousands of these naps for our kids, we’ve become experts of sorts in listening to the nuanced sounds that take place. We’re really sleep deprived and so, for this project…we took naps. What you’ll hear then is a montage of the sounds that happen while we, our kids and our pets are taking naps.  Breathing, vocalizing, patting backs, rustling sheets, and, if you listen carefully enough, you’ll hear heart-beats and the subtle click of a mechanical aortic valve.

Beta Collide:

Molly Barth, Christian Cherry, Brian McWhorter, Shannon Mockli, Phillip Patti, Matthew Svoboda

with vocal performances by Rhys Cherry (1 year old), Antonio Patti (2 years old), Kyla McWhorter (2 years old) Oakley McWhorter (4 years old), Julian Svoboda (2 years old), Henry (6 month old dog) and Tenzin
(7 year old dog)

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  1. I love this! My compassionate response is along the lines of we with kids regain a certain measure of sanity when they, the light of our lives, nap. Nap on.

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